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Please note.  The merchants and sutlers of this list are those generally known to the living history community.  
They are here for your convenience.

For those of you that are new to18th century clothing, may I offer you this advice. When purchasing, know what it is that you need, set your standards for quality, be an informed buyer.  Just because you see something sold through an 18th century merchant doesn't mean it is correct or meets the standards set by the Continental Line, Brigade of the American Revolution or the British Brigade.  I am sorry to say that you will still see mobcaps that look like shower caps and  French and English bodices sold as Revolutionary War period-correct clothing items, they are not. Other items such as Kinsale cloaks, wool blanket shirts, open front fringed hunting frocks, highland bonnets and haversacks, to name a few, should be limited to specific time periods, applications, or nationalities, or are military and not civilian.

18th Century 

Merchants, Sulters, Seamstress & Tailors 
 Purveyors of Fabrics, Notions, Military 
& Camp Equipment  

Avalon Forge
John White
Baltimore, MD
"All Manner of Replicas for Living History"

Big Bear Trading
Steve Salisbury
Nellie's Niche
  Martha Corriveau- Nelson of Stow MA
Farmers smocks in stock
Clothing, accoutrements, wigs for men & women, eyeglasses. 


Burnley & Trowbridge
Angela Trowbridge & Jim Burnley
 Williamsburg, VA
(757) 253-1644 ---catalog available

Linens, Woolens, Notions, Shoes,
Patterns, Books

Cathy Johnson
Graphics/Fine Arts

Artist, writer, naturalist--A must see website
 Jewelry and miniature portraits,
and her book:
Whatever Shall I Wear
by Mara Riley Illustrated by Cathy Johnson

Carolina Calicoes
Sumter, SC 29153
(803) 481-4652


Cherry Dawson, Milliner
At the Sign of Two Cats

Arlington, MA

The Colonial Printer
Maker of Hand bound Journals
H. DeLea Sayers, Prop.
Arlington , Texas  

Deborah Peterson's Pantry
of hard-to-find, test driven and approved ingredients
for your 18th century culinary efforts

Dirty Billy's Hats
Gettysburg, PA
Military & Civilian Hats, caps & Accessories

Elegant Embellishments
Beth Gilgun
  Warwick, MA
 Author of Tidings from the 18th Century
Seamstress, merchant of fabrics 

Flying Canoe Traders
Trois-Rivières, Qc, Canada
18th century men clothing and top quality shoes for F&I and Rev. War re-enactor

Fugawee Corporation
Tallahassee FL
 1 800 749 0387 
Quality shoes and pewter buttons

G Gedney Godwin
Valley Forge, PA 
(610) 783-0670

Goose Bay Workshops 
 Bridgeville, DE 


Historical Costume Services
Henry Cooke
Randolph, MA
(781) 963-9645

Historical Costuming
Christopher Cook
West Brookfield, MA
(508) 867-3567

Homespun Clothier

Laura S. Settle
Clothing & Homespun Wool

Liberty Linens
Ruth Konrad
Frederick, PA 
Linen Swatches on-line free, $2 by mail
Lucets, Handwoven Linen Tape, and Linen thread

Just Two Tailors
Rick & Carol
Sutler, Tailor, Line of Ready Made Clothing 

Kannik's Korner
Fritz & Kathleen Kannik
Patterns & books

King's Arms Press
Fine reprints of rare books, pamphets and documents
of the 18th & 19th centuries.

96 District Storehouse
Dennis & Peggy Earp
Abbeville, SC
Fabrics, Notions, Shoes & Books




Rancocas Merchant
Sue Huesken, Sutler
New--Silk Bonnets

Ranger Reproductions
Steve Pano, Sulter
Worchester, MA

Bunker Hill, WV

The Recollections of J P Ryan
Randallstown, MD
Fine patterns for both Ladies and Gentlemen

Richard Baldwin, Regimental Tailor
Syracuse, NY
Men's military & Civilian Clothing

Roy & Debra Najecki
  Chepachet, RI 
Catalog Available

Linens-shirting,  twill hemp linen, 
Wool Broadcloth, Linen & Linen & Cotton Tapes
Linen Thread, Thread Buttons

Sewing With Patience 
Dorothy& Monica Rodgers
Billerica, MA
(978) 667-7988

Specializing in Women's & Girls Clothing
Men's & Boys Shirts

Sharon Ann Burnston
"At Home" in the 18th Century
author of Fitting & Proper
Workshops & Consultation Services

Silly Sisters
"Fashion for the Lady Refined or Rustic
and Other Items Too Tedious to Mention"
Sarah Haynes Cowan & Diana Runyon
 Fredericksburg, VA
    (540) 368-8055
sarah@sillysisters.com or diana@sillysisters.com
Fabric sellers & seamstresses

Smoke & Fire Co.
 Grand Rapids, OH 

Smiling Fox Forge
Fremont, OH
Clothing, colonial goods, gun supplies, tents.....

Southcoast Historical Associates
Historical Costumes, School Presentations
& Living History

Sullivan Press
Morgantown, PA

Texas Sutler
Houston, TX 77043-2732

Tory Tailor & Mercantile
866-543-1050 or 1-508-574-3104
Wilmington, Ma.

Jas. Townsend & Sons, Inc.
 Pierceton, IN 
Order number 1-800-338-1665

Custom Clothing
Buttons, Buckles, Shoes, Books & Patterns, Cookware....

The Virginia Public Store
Arlington VA
Purveyors of Books & Accoutrements

Weeping Heart Trade Company
(859) 727-0910
Julie & Greg Hudson
Erlanger, KY
Clothing Made to Order for Discerning
Ladies & Gentlemen

Westwood Traders
Mona Hubbartt
South Riding, VA 

Women's Felt Hats!!!
Custom machine knitted Socks of Wool, Cotton & Linen,
 Specialty fabrics including linsey-woolsey

Wm. Booth, Draper, At the Sign of the Unicorn
Hazel and Laura Dickfoss
(815) 648-9048 or (262) 886-9133
Linens, Wools, Notions, Patterns, Books.

Wooded Hamlet Design
Mary Woodhaus Wagner/Kenneth Wagner
 Greencastle, PA
(717) 597-1782
Catalogue Available
Buttons, Trimmings, Linen & Silk Thread


  Non-Eighteenth Century

Fabric-Notion Sources

Internet Shopping

Linens, wools, silks and much more


On-line source for linen at great prices

Excellent source for silk satins
and taffetas


New England Fabric Stores


Needlework Supplies

Pepperell Pepper Patchwork
(888) 597-7771

Silk Twist & Embroidery Floss

The Scarlet Letter
Sullivan, WI 
Telephone: 262-593-8470

Sampler kits, kits for pocketbooks & silk thread

Pam Tailor Supply
625 Adams St.,Dorchester, MA 02122
Silk Thread, Buttonhole Twist

Webs Service Center
PO Box 147, Northampton, MA 01061-0147
(413) 584-2225
Sample Cards Available
Linen thread

Specialty Merchants

Historic Fashions 
from Sally Queen & Associates

Your source for Textiles for Colonial Clothing,
a valuable guide book to historic fabrics  with actual swatches!
Fashion CalendarsFor 2004:
The Wedding Dress--
is now available

"Object-ively Speaking: Case Study
 of 18th Century Stays" by Sally A. Queen

"An Analysis of A Eighteenth Century
Woman’s Quilted Waistcoat" by Sharon Ann Burnston



Revolutionary Teddy Bears
Hand Made 18C style Teddy Bears 
by Cindy Geldart

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